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I have paid thru PayPal, but I can't access the papers. No acknowledgement of payment done , by respaper team. This is pathetic
asked by JadenP Wayne (aishpant19) 11 hours ago
I cant pay using paypal
Nor with my debit card! Please respond as soon as possible
asked by Shaina Pinto (shainakpinto) 4 days ago
I am trying to pay through PayPal with my debit card  but it fails everytime.Please help.
asked by Wasim Ansari (abc1234a) 7 days ago
respaper become paid ?i tried to make paymnt by visa /debit but it is not being?are others also facing the problem
asked by Sharanya Mistry (rehanali58) 22 days ago
kindly help me how to make payment to access the papers.
I am unable to make payment.
I do not have a PayPal account, so please provide an alternative method so that I can subscribe.
On making payment with debit or credit card it is showing error. Pls Help 🙏🙏
asked by Saanvi Gowda (lipstickstxins123) 41 days ago
How do i delete the notes i sent?
asked by Jay V. Goyel (jay_v_goyel) 180 days ago
I am unable to make payment.
I do not have a PayPal account, so please provide an alternative method so that I can subscribe.
On making payment with debit or credit card it is showing error. Pls Help 🙏🙏
asked by Question Paper#1 (questionpaper100) 271 days ago
I am unable to renew membership
asked by Laju Dalal (diki1301) 1 year ago

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Why respaper site is not working for free
asked by Vivek Kumar (kashish60) 1 year ago
Res paper prime  site is not working
asked by Ritu Srivastava (ritu765) 1 year ago
Which book u people follow for environmental applications?
asked by Anshul Jain (anshul58) 4 years ago
How many answers are there in geography topo for six grid reference
asked by Saket Singh (saket38) 4 years ago

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Can anyone please solve the ICSE Specimen 2017 Mathematics Paper to whatever extent possible and share the answers? 

The paper is available here:

or, here:
asked by ICSE Helper (solo_credere) 4 years ago

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For French Picture description can we write a story like we do in English or do we only describe the picture? Pls. Respond ASAP
asked by Dark_Death (ssvp1999) 4 years ago
This time only first four questions will be considered and not best four?
asked by Piyush Agarwal (piyushbora) 4 years ago
(ii) A radioactive substance is oxidized. What change would you expect to
take place in the nature of its radioactivity? Give a suitable reason. [3]
(c) ‘Radioactive materials as an alternative source of energy must be used
wisely’. Give reasons to justify this statement.
asked by Hitesh Nair (hyperhitesh) 5 years ago
ovulation,formation of corpus luteum,bleeding , production of hormones(Menstrual cycle)
asked by AnanG (smarter23) 5 years ago
In history, are the questions repeated?
asked by Ayush Chess (cuuulboy) 5 years ago

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How long should a 4 mark answer be in History?
asked by X (mustafaraj) 5 years ago
Vehicular standard for air pollution
asked by Shruti Banerjee (coolbuddy16) 5 years ago

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can any  one give me the sample papers for icse 2016
asked by Biparnak Roy (roybiparnak) 5 years ago
Can someone post hindi notes for every chapter from school?
asked by Sherlock123 (hritiksapra) 5 years ago

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dilute HCl is added to potassium nitrite solution. give chemical equation and state observation.
asked by . (sd19) 5 years ago

+ 2 more questions by sd19  

How can I get good marks in moles and stochiometry.I have spent hours studying it,I don't just get the logic????help me out plz
asked by Levona (levona) 5 years ago
name an acid which can completely dissolve lead carbonate
asked by Mahima Sanghavi (starmahi) 5 years ago

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Are we supposed to compete the reactions in questions like:
Name the organic compound prepared in each of the following reactions
CaC2 + H2O----->
asked by Sushil Pamnani (sushil13) 5 years ago
In math, when you draw an ogive, you draw a free hand curve. But because it's free hand, answers vary by one or two units. So.... Do I lose marks because of that? I need to me out. Any suggestions on how to draw it will be very helpful. Thx
asked by Lord Roshan the Great (lordroshan) 5 years ago
What is the reaction for thermite welding?
asked by Jash Kalyani (sjm333) 5 years ago
which is an exceptional artery????
asked by $ω@T!* (swati22) 5 years ago

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