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ICSE Class X Prelims 2022 : Chemistry (Ashoka Universal School (AUS), Nashik)

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Rahul Jaiswal
Ashoka Universal School (AUS), Nashik
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Ashoka Group of Ashoka Marg. Academic Session 2021-22 Slip test Paper -2 (10th Feb) Grade X Subject: Chemistry Time: 1 hrs Marks: 40 Section A (40 Marks) (Attempt all the questions from this section) Q.1 Multiple Choice Question [10] i) The formula for cryolite is. a) Na3AIF6 b) Na3AlF6 c) Na2AlF6 d) Na2AlF3 ii) ____ chain isomers can be obtained from the alkane C5H12 a) 2 b) 3 c) 1 d) 4 iii) Acetic acid (CH3COOH) was obtained from ____ a) Vinegar b) Red Ant c) Butter d) Alcohol iv) An Alloy of a metal used in aircraft a) Haematite b) Magnetite c) Bauxite d) Siderite v) An additional substance is added to combine and remove impurities to from usable product called. a) Matrix b) Slag c) Mud d) Flux vi) KI paper changes from colourless to brown in. a) Hydrogen Sulphide b) Ammonia c) Chlorine d) Nitrogen dioxide vii) A gas which is Reddish brown in colour. a) Chlorine b) Hydrogen c) Nitrogen dioxide d) Nitrogen trichloride. viii) A salt of sodium ions burns with flame. a) Brick red b) Golden yellow c) Yellow d) Peacock green ix) The suffix for Saturated hydrocarbon is. a) ane b) ene c) yne d) al x) The general formula for alkene. a) CnH2n 2021-22/G-X/Slip test-2/Chemistry b) CnH2n+2 c) CnH2n-2 d) CnH2n+1 Page 1of 4

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