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ICSE SUGGESTIVE ECONOMIC APPLICATIONS. 2016.. ALL THE BEST FOR THE EXAM 28TH MARCH.. . SECTION A (40 MARKS) ATTEMPT ALL THE QUESTIONS QUESTION 1. a. Explain briefly [2] i. Labour is inseparable from labourers. ii. Labour has alternative uses. b. What is meant by progressive taxation. Give an example.[2] c. State which type of market is a price maker .Give reason for your answer.[2] d. Draw a supply curve which is parallel to the X axis . State its elasticity.[2] e. State whether the it indicates elastic or inelasatic demand.[2] i. Maize ii. Diamond. iii. Railways iv . Protactor and compass for a maths student QUESTION 2. a. i. State to control what , does the Central bank increases the CRR.[2] ii. Which bank has the function to act as a clearing house in India.[2] b. Define the term floating capital. Give an example.[2] c. Give two points of difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy.[2] d. Mention two determinants of labour efficiency.[2] e. What is meant by price discrimination. To which market is this relevant to.[2] QUESTION 3.

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