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ICSE Notes 2016 : Geography

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Siddharth Chhetri
Sarwan Memorial School (SMS), Banarhat, Jalpaiguri
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HOPE MY STUPIDITY HELPS YOU .. if it doesn t then no problem.. it helped me ..I am happy.. xD AWESOME WAY TO REMEMBER THE NAMES OF MINIERALS PRESENT OR DEFICIENT IN A SOIL .. 1st: ALLUVIAL SOIL. Deficient in Nitrogen Humus Rich in Potash andLime Mneumonic: Dx and Natasha Has Red Precious Lockets 2nd : BLACK SOIL. Deficient in Phosphorus Nitrogen Organic matter and Rich in Lime Iron and Magnesium Mneumonic: Dx Ponders Over Normality and Raulot s Law In Malaysia. 3rd : RED SOIL. Deficient in Nitrogen Potassium(Kallium) Phosphorus Organic matter and Rich in Iron Oxide Mneumonic: Dx Never Knew that Persian Oranges are Rich in Iron Oxide. 4th : LATERITE SOIL. Acidic ,Silica (removed) Deficient in Lime Magnesium and Nitrogen and (Rich in Iron oxide) changed order in the mneumonic but should be understood.

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