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ICSE Class X Notes 2020 : History most important dates

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Please Note- We have compiled the dates for your reference. As per the past papers they normally do not ask for any specific date. The highlighted ones are the ones that are important from our point of view. The rest will help you trace the events that took place in chronological order HISTORY IMPORTANT DATES Indian History: 1856 General Service Enlistment Act passed by British 1857 First War of Independence; Revolt of the Sepoys 1st November 1858 Queen Victoria s Proclamation 1866 East India Association organized by Dadabhai Naoroji 1876 Indian Association of Calcutta formed by Surendranath Banerjee 1877 Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 1878 Indian Arms Act passed by Lord Lytton 1878 Vernacular Press Act passed by Lord Lytton 1885 Indian National Congress was founded 1885 to 1905 Moderate Phase 1905 to 1918 Radical Phase 1919 to 1947 Gandhian Era 1893 Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental Defence Association was founded 1904 Universities Act passed by Lord Curzon 1904 Official Secrets Act passed by Lord Curzon 1905 Partition of Bengal announced by Lord Curzon 7th August 1905 Anti-partition Movement was started 16th October 1905 Effective day of partition of Bengal; Observed as Raksha Bandhan Day 1906 All-India Muslim League was formed at Dacca 1907 Surat Session of Congress; Splitting up of Radicals and Moderates 1911 Partition of Bengal was cancelled 1914 to 1917 National Movement 1916 Radicals and Moderates united at Lucknow session of Congress; Lucknow Pact INTERNAL

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