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another hard paper for computers!!

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Nisarg Pandya
Zydus School for Excellence (ZSE), Vejalpur, Ahmedabad
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Sample Paper 5 Sample Paper 5 Class X Subject COMPUTER APPLICATIONS SECTION A (All Questions are compulsory ) Question 1 (2 marks each) (a) Define a class. How is it related to an object, explain? (b) What is a compound statement, provide an example? (c) Explain the concept of try-catch-finally with a suitable example. What is the use of finally keyword in respect of that (d) State and explain the multiple branch selection statement provided by Java. (e) Given numbers 23, 45, -33, 533, 100. Illustrate a binary search to locate the number 500. Question 2 (2 marks each) (a) What is a package? Name any 2 packages of java those are yet not used by you. (b) What is the value of the following expressions( or ERROR)? i) DISARIHALDIA .substring(4).indexOf( A ); ii) Correct .charAt(1).compareTo( Option .charAt(0)); (c) Unlike other languages, why does Java need a compiler as well as an interpreter? (d) What is meant by an infinite loop? Give an example. (e) Write a statement in Java for ( a + b) 3 4 ab Question 3 Differentiate between the following pairs: (a) Coercion and casting (b) String and StringBuffer classes (c) Byte Oriented and Character Oriented Streams (d) if-else and switch (e) throw and throws (2 marks each) Question 4 (1 mark each) (a) What is the requisite data type to store the character * ? (b) Which keyword is used to raise an exception? (c) If a =12, b =11 and a+= a++ (--a * --b). Find the values of a and b. (d) State the three types of errors. (e) What does return? (f) Given String str = 60 ; write the statement to convert it to an integer data type. (g) State any two IOException classes. (h) Name the method used to print random numbers between 0 and 1. (i) State any two non-numeric primitive data type. (j) How many iterations are involved while bubble sorting an array of 5 integers? SECTION B ( Attempt Any FOUR Questions. Each program should be written in such a way that it clearly depicts the logic of the program. This should be achieved by using mnemonic code and comments in the program. Each question carries 15 marks.) Question 5 Write a program to accept any string and sort the words in ascending order. Input :- Annual Cultural Program in Disari Output :- Annual Cultural Disari in Program 1

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