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CBSE Class 9 Pre Board 2020 : Computer Science (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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Cbse 9
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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU FINAL EXAMINATION ASSIGNMENT SESSION (2019-20) CLASS -IX Answer the following questions SUB: Computer Q1. Why is Scratch called a visual programming language? Q2. How will you rotate the text in a table cell? Q3. Explain the methods of adding comments to a word document? Q4 Explain the process of inserting images from clip art? Q5. Name the different pen blocks available in scratch? Q6. How is the repeat block different from the repeat until block ? Q7. What do you understand by text alignment? Q8. What are Bullets? Write the steps to add bullets to a list . Q9. Write any four common tools in paint editor tool bar? Q10. List any four feature of scratch? Q11.What are header and footer ? How will you insert them in a document. Q12.Which is Tab selector? Explain all the options available in it. Q13 What do you understand by line spacing? Explain the options of Line spacing. Q14.What is a word processor? Name any three features. Q15. What is Ribbon in Ms office 2010? Explain its parts.


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