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CBSE Class 12 Pre Board 2019 : Physical Education (St Xavier's Sr. Sec. School, Delhi)

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CBSE 12 Pre Boards
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Pre Board Examination 2019 Std. 12 23-01-2019 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Max. Marks :70 Time : 3 hrs. 1. What is planning? 1 2. Define Knock-out . 1 3. What is balanced diet? 1 4. Meaning of yoga. 1 5. What is disability? 1 6. Meaning of posture. 1 7. Define motor development. 1 8. Define psychology and sociology. 1 9. Define test and measurement in sports. 1 10. What is physiology? 1 11. Define kinesiology. 1 12. Explain the meaning and objectives of planning. 3 13. What is intramural and extramural? Explain knock-out fixture for 21 teams. 3 14. Balanced diet and Nutrition role in the field of games and sports. 3 15. Write short notes on obesity and diabetes. List the different asanas and explain any three. 3 16. What is the concept of disability and disorder? Differentiate with few examples. 4 17. Discuss the strategies to make physical activities assessable for disabled person. 4 18. Explain factors affecting motor development. 4 19. Give following postural deformities and their corrective measures: a) Kybhosis b) Round Shoulders c) d) Scolosis e) Knock Knees f) 20. Write an essay on sports participation of women in India. 5 21. Explain the test and measurement role in games, physical education and sports. 5 22. Define physiology. Explain the effect of exercise on respiratory system. 5 23. Define the sports medicine and describe the preventive steps for sports injuries. 5 24. Describe the laws of motion and role of kinesiology in sports. 3 25. What is psychology? Explain the role of psychology in games and sports. Write small notes on motivation. 3 26. What is training? Write short notes on strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and coordination. 3 -X-X-X-X-X-X- Lordosis Flat Foot 5


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