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CBSE Class 12 Pre Board 2020 : Economics - Prelim 2 (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMMU Pre-board II Assignment SESSION-2019-20 CLASS-XII SUB- ECONOMICS 1. Explain the limitations of GDP as an index of welfare. 2. Differentiate beween Real flow and Money flow. 3. Explain the precautions that are taken in the calculation of National income using Value added method and Income method. 4. What is Barter system? Explain the limitations of Barter system of exchange? 5. Explain the M1 measurement of money supply. 6. Explain the process of credit creation by commercial banks. 7. Derive the savings curve from consumption curve with the help of digram and schedule. 8. Differentiate between Excess demand and Deficient demand. 9. Explain Fiscal and monetary measures to control Excess demand and deficient demand. 10. What is government budget? Explain its objectives. 11. Explain Balanced budget,surplus budget and deficit budget. 12. Discuss the sources of financing Fiscal deficit. 13. What is foreign exchange?Explain the types of foreign exchange rate. 14. Differentiate between currency appreciation and currency depreciation. 15. What arethe functions of foreign exchange market? 16. Differentiate betweeb Inflationary and deflationary gap. 17. Explain the sources of demand for foreign exchange. 18. Explain the components opf current account and capital account BOP. 19. Discuss the causes of diaequilibrium in BOP. 20. What are the Merits and demarits of fixed exchange ratew system. 21. Explain the features of Indian economy on the eve of Independence. 22. Discuss the features of agriculture,industrial and foreign trade sector during the British rule. 23. What is an economic system? Discuss the types oif economic systems. 24. Explain the goials of five year plans. 25. Explain the features of IPR 1956. 26. Explain the characteristics of small scale industry. 27. What is inward looking trade strategy? 28. Explain economic reforms under liberalisation. 29. Critical analyse LPG policies. 30. Explain Demonisation and GST. 31. Differentiate between Absolute and Relative poverty. 32. Discuss schemes which aim to provide minimum basic amenities. 33. Discuss the role of human capital in economic development. 34. Explain the institutional and non-institutional sources of rural credit. 35. What are the measures taken by the govt. To omprove agricultural marketing? 36. Explain the types of unemployment in India. 37. Differentiate between social and physical infrastructure.

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