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CBSE Class 12 Pre Board 2020 : Computer Science - Prelim 1 (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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CBSE 12 Pre Boards
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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL JAMMU ASSIGNMENT FOR PRE-BOARD-I(2019-2020) Class: XII Subject: Computer Science(283) Q1. Write the type of C++ Operators (Arithmetic, Logical, and Relational Operators) from thefollowing: (i) !(ii) !=(iii) &&(iv) % Q2. Observe the following program very carefully and write the name of those header file(s), which are essentially needed to compile and execute thefollowing program successfully: void main() { char text[20], newText[20]; gets(text); strcpy(newText,text); for(inti=0;i<strlen(text);i++) if(text[i] = = A ) text[i] = text[i]+2; puts(text); } Q3. Find and write the output of the following C++ program code: typedef char STRING[80]; void MIXNOW(STRING S) { int Size=strlen(S); for(int I=0;I<Size;I+=2) { char WS=S[I]; S[I]=S[I+1]; S[I+1]=WS; } for (I=1;I<Size;I+=2) if (S[I]>= M && S[I]<= U ) S[I]= @ ; } void main() { STRING Word= CBSEEXAM2019 ; MIXNOW(Word); cout<<Word<<endl; } Q4. What is a copy constructor? Illustrate with a suitable C++ example.

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