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CBSE Class 10 Pre Board 2020 : Social Science - Prelim 1 (Delhi Public School (DPS), Jammu)

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DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL JAMMU ASSIGNMENT CLASS X PREBOARD 1 SUBJECT: SOCIAL SCIENCE 1. Which One of the following crops is grown during the zaid season? a. Groundnut b. Muskmelon c. Soyabean d. Musturd 2. Which of the following is non-material benefit which increases welfare of a population? a. Availability of more motorcycles and cars b. Provision of more rented houses c. Security and freedom measures improved by the government d. All of the above 3. Which of the following reserved seats for dalits. a. The Poona Pact b. The Gandhi-Irwin Pact c. The Lucknow Pact d. None of these 4. In Belgium, how were the tensions between the linguistic communities controlled. a. By an agreement made between the majority and minority groups b. By accepting a federal style of government c. By making amendments to the constitution of Belgium d. By the minority group accepting he dominance of the majority groups 5. What was the Napoleonic Code usually known as? 6. Madhav has no regular work. Sometimes he earns a little with some parttime work. He also has no investment capability to use own skills to earn money. Which sector is Madhav engaged in? 7. Complete the following table with correct information which regard to classification of industry on the basis of raw material used Industries Examples

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