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Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), Kamla Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad
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Roll No. jksy uaCode No. Series RKM dksM ua- 33 Please check that this question paper contains 2 printed pages. Code number given on the right hand side of the question paper should be written on the title page of the answer-book by the candidate. Please check that this question paper contains 5 questions. Please write down the serial number of the question before attempting it. i;k tk p dj ysa fd bl iz'u&i=k esa eqfnzr i`"B 2 gSaA iz'u&i=k esa nkfgus gkFk dh vksj fn, x, dksM uEcj dks Nk=k m kj&iqfLrdk ds eq[k&i`"B ij fy[ksaA i;k tk p dj ysa fd bl iz'u&i=k esa 5 iz'u gSaA i;k iz'u dk m kj fy[kuk 'kq: djus ls igys] iz'u dk ekad vo'; fy[ksaA MUSIC HINDUSTANI (Vocal) (Theory) laxhr fgUnqLrkuh xk;u lS)kfUrd Time allowed : 2 hours Maximum Marks : 25 fu/kkZfjr le; % 2 ?k.Vs vf/kdre vad % 25 Instructions : Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks. funsZ'k % 1. lHkh iz'uksa ds m kj nhft,A lHkh iz'uksa ds vad leku gSaA Give a brief description of Sangeet Ratnakar. laxhr jRukdj dk laf{kIr o.kZu dhft,A 2. Write down the notation system of Pt. V.N. Bhatkhande. iafMr oh-,u- Hkkr[k.Ms dh Lojfyfi i)fr fyf[k,A 33 1 P.T.O. P.T.O.

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Additional Info : Solved CBSE Class 10 Board exam paper study guide - CBSE 2007 : MUSIC HINDUSTANI VOCAL SET 2- C.B.S.E. Free Online Question Paper
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