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ICSE Notes 2016 : Chemistry (Bishop Cotton Boys School (BCBS), Bangalore)

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Bishop Cotton Boys' School (BCBS), Bangalore
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Give reasons: 1. Electrolysis of acidulated water is considered to be an example of catalysis. Ans. Pure water is almost a non-electrolyte and a polar solvent. It can be electrolytically decomposed by addition of traces of dilute acid which dissociates as ions and help in dissociating water into hydrogen and hydroxide ions. 2. Copper is good conductor of electricity but is considered to be nonelectrolyte. Ans. Copper being a metal contains free electrons and conduction of electricity is carried out by the movement of free electrons, but copper does not dissociate into ions and hence, is a non-electrolyte. 3. Sodium chloride in solid state does not conduct electricity but in molten state or solution state conducts electricity. Ans. (i) solid sodium chloride contains ions, but ions are not free, they are hold together by an electrostatic force of attraction. (ii) when in solution state or in molten state, the ions becomes free by overcoming the electrostatic force of attraction. Hence ---------4. A solution of ionic compounds is an electrolyte while covalent compound is a non-electrolyte. Ans. An ionic compound, being a electrovalent dissociates forming ions which conduct electricity while a covalent compounds contains molecules which do not conduct electricity. Hence ------5. During electrolysis of copper sulphate using copper electrode the blue colour solution does not fade. Ans. For every copper ion discharged at the cathode as neutral atom- a copper ion is added to the solution at the anode. Hence total number of copper ions- remains the same. Hence----

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