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ICSE Class X Notes 2019 : Biology

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Chemical coordination in plants F.M - 40 1. Name the following : [5] i) The phytohormone which stimulates the cell division in non-meristematic tissue. ii) The hormone which induces dormancy of tubers. iii) The hormone which breaks genetic dwarfism in plants. iv) The type of plant movement associated with drooping of leaves in touch-me not plant. v) The pigment which acts as photoreceptor during phototropism. 2. Explain the following terms : i) Apical dominance ii) Hydrotropism iii) Nastic movement iv) Parthenocarpy v) Phytohormones 3. Answer the following questions : i) Give one example of chemotropism. ii) Mention two agricultural uses of GA3 iii) What role does the auxin play in ptototropism ? Explain. [5] 1+2+2= [ 5 ] 4. Correct and complete the following statements by inserting word/ words at marked [ ^ ] places. [5] i) Root is ^ as it bends away from the light source. ii) The phytohormone ^ suppresses the apical dominance. iii) GA was discovered by the scientist Kurosawa from seedlings infested with the fungus ^. iv) Auxins promote growth of stem , root and fruits by ^ . v) The corn kernels are rich source of natural phytohormone ^. 5. Give reasons why : [5] i) ABA is known as stress hormone. ii) Ripe Banana is kept in the basket having raw fruits. iii) Cut flowers and vegetables are sprayed with cytokinins. iv) Nastic movements are non-directional movements. v) Coconut water can be added to the culture medium in plant tissue culture technique.

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