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ICSE Class X Prelims 2022 : Chemistry (St. Teresas School, Bolpur)

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Anango Mohan Chatterjee
St. Teresa's School, Bolpur
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ST. TERESA'S SCHOOL, BOLPUR Pre-Board Examination: 2021-22 Chemistry Class-X Time:1:30hrs Marks: 40 Section-A (Attempt all the question) Question H Choose the correet answers to the question from the given options.(Do not copy write the correet Molecular formula of cryolite the question. a) NaiAlF answer only.) b)ALO,21,0 of the following is false? i)Which A) Common salt is used in the B) P2O5 is not used C) is a) A and B as a d) Al,O1.H,0 c) Al,O. preparation drying agent (10) of HCI gas. for HC in the manufacturing of HCI gas sulphuricacid employed b) A and C c)Only C. d) A ,B and C j The temperature at which the catalytic oxidation of ammonia is carried out a) 200 C. b) 800 C. c)1000 C. d) 500 C ) Reaction of copper with dil. and conc. nitric acid yield... a) NO and NO; b) NO; and NO and. c) NO and NO gases respectively. d) NO and N; Which of the following is produced during the contact process? b) oleum a) ammonia c) nitric acid d) oxygen gas How many single covalent bonds are present in cyclohexane? a) y 20 b) 18. c) 24 d) 15 n-propyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol shows a) Chain isomerism b) position isomerism c) functional group isomerism d}none of these yif)Al(OH)3 is heated at 1000 C to produce a) NaAlO b) AlLO,.2H,0 c)Al,O d) NaOH K) Hydrochloric acid forms a constant boiling mixture at a) 500 C. The b) 110 C. fountain is observed a) Partial vacuum. c)-22 C d)63 C because ammonium hydroxide creates..inside the b) hole c)space flask in fountain exper d) nitrogen gas Section-B Attempt any three questions Question:2 Define: a) 1)Homologous series. 11) Catenation Draw the structural formula of Butanal ii) Ethanoic acid ii)2- Butanol b) Name the compound formed when i) Ethane react with oxygen at 475 Kelvin and 120 atmospheric pressure in presence a catalyst. i) Magnesium oxide react with hydrochloric acid. ii) Manganese react with very dilute nitric acid. 2) (3) of copper as

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