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ICSE Class X Prelims 2021 : Biology (St. Teresas School, Bolpur) : End Term Exam 2020-21

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Anango Mohan Chatterjee
St. Teresa's School, Bolpur
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ST. TERESA'S SCH0OL, BOLPUR Term-end Examination 2020-21 Biology Std X Time: 3hrs F.M-80 Section-I (40 marks) Name the following a. In this stage, mixing up of genes occur. b. In this condition, the solution outside the eell has a higher solute concentration than the fluids inside the cell c . In this phenomenon, the plants sap escapes from the ruptured or cut surface of plant. DCT lies in this part of kidney. . Diencephalon is the part of this organ. 2. Define:a. Accommodation dANS Match the following: a . Guard cells 6 Neurolema eVasa recta bTurgor pressure Hepatic portal system -e. Carbon cycle tectorial membrane tonsil myelin sheath Lymph gland Membranous Labyrinth K+ bowman's capsule 4Correct the statements if it is wrong:- Globin is the iron containing part of haemoglobin. 6.Cone cells are sensitive to dim light. . Growth hormone regulates the rate of cellular oxidation resulting in heat production at rest. Grey matter lies on the inner side in spinal cord. Osmosis requires energy supplied by the cell in the form of ATP. . Fillin the blanks: aIn centrioles start moving apart and reach opposite poles. b . Conversion of glucose molecules to one molecule ofstarch is known as The average lifespan of a RBC is d.The arteriole emerges from the bowman's capsule. AnO eThere are numbers of cranial nerves. Answer in one word:aThe structure where photophosphorylation takes place. n bVasopressin is secreted by this lobe of pituitary. D . The wall of this blood vessel consists of a single layer of squamous epithelial cels. d.The structure forms after supercoiling of nucleosomes. Nu.. we. Almost two third part of water is reabsorbed in this part of kidney. ,

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