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ICSE Class X Prelims 2019 : Commercial Applications (Billabong High International School (BHIS), Thane)

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Aryan Jani
Billabong High International School (BHIS), Thane
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( ;racJt Subj~c l>aCt l>unfic.n Muimum M rlu No. of 6de, :X : CommHdal A1,pHcatlon : 0~ . 10. IH : 2 hour. : kO 81UA90fl6 HtOI :2 f lnl Tum Ina I tu min a Hon Gt-nf'rtl lndn c-tlon ~: Wnt c all answcn in the amwcr "hcc-1 agai nst correc t que1ttion numbers Read Lhc qu"slion:11 thorou~hl y. Wrllc in legible hand writin g and mai11tain neatnc,, SECTION A (40 MARK~) (Attempt all queHti ons from th 1ci 'l l1<m) Qoestion 1 Givt f)ne differenu bttween each of the following: (a) Spot market and Future market (b) Cash Credi t and overdraft (c) Fixed aSJICt..'1 and Current a~scts (d ) Open Cheque and Crossed Cheque (cJ Market in g and Selling Queiition 2 (a) Mc,,tion four methods of direct selling. (b) What is the principle of materiality? ('-) Menuon W'IY Lwo advantages of colt plus pricing. {d) \Vh,,i is " bank draft? Who issues it? (c ) .. HR M iJ similar to nervous system in the human bod y." Comment . Qunfion J (a) Slate any t .vo U5CS of Income and Expenditure account. (b) Whal 1s brand eq uity? (c) Enumerate any four mclhod5 of sales prom otion. ( d) Mention any four rca,on~ for increasing importance of s,:~ icel\. (e) Swtc any two agency function.s perfonned by the commercial bn.nh Qutstion .C Ju1t if) titbtr for or c iatf b) c6, ing two r~aaon, for nch: (a) Introduction stage lfl II product li fe cycle i5 not very ri , ky (b) (~nitaJ txanx 11 the lender of the la.s1 rewrt . ( CJ Closing stock iJ aJway1 v4Jucd at Jn4fkct price . <dJ ~k.mumng pncmg auru Lo 1ncrcuc: mat'Ut hare of a company It) All memhenhtp fees col lected by a non-trading <.:ooccm must be cntaed in the ll!ld! side of lhc balance sheet . 12] [21 121 12] [2] [21 121 121 !21 [2 1 [2] 121 121 121 (2 I 121 121 12 1 (l I [1]

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