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ICSE Prelims 2016 : Computer Applications [PREDICTIVE]

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Arpan Bhattacharya
St. Xavier's School, Durgapur,  Durgapur 
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COMPUTER APPLICATIONS SUGGESTIVE QUESTION PAPER Section A All questions are compulsory. (40 marks) Prepared by: Arpan (10+10+20) 2mks/subpart Question 1 a) Differentiate between an object and a class. b) Objects encapsulate state and behaviour Explain and give two real world examples. c) Name the following: 1. Non-static variables that define the characteristics of an object of a class 2. Static variables that can be accessed without creating an object 3. Variables declared inside methods, which are not assigned a default value automatically 4. A user-defined data type that has its own functionality d) Differentiate between primitive data types and composite data types. e) Name the OOP principle that deals with... 1. Super-classes and sub-classes. 2. Method overloading 3. Data hiding; Access modifiers like public, private, protected et cetera. 4. Interfaces and abstract classes Question 2 a) Differentiate between the access specifiers public, protected and private. b) Name the following: 1. A brute force search algorithm that runs in linear time 2. A dichotomic divide-and-conquer search algorithm that works only for sorted data 3. Two O(n2) sorting algorithms, unsuitable for large datasets. c) Name the package that contains: 1. The InputStreamReader class 2. The Scanner class 3. Wrapper classes of primitive types 4. The String class d) With reference to method valueOf in java.lang.String, answer the following questions: 1. Is this method static or non-static? Give an example of its usage. 2. How does this method utilise the OOP principle, polymorphism? e) With reference to method sqrt in java.lang.Math, answer the following questions: 1. Is this method pure or impure? 2. Is this method called by value or reference? Question 3 a) What are the return types of the below methods of the String class? 1. concat 2. replace 3. equals 4. compareTo b) To which classes do the below methods belong? 1. readLine 2. isWhitespace 3. random 4. nextLine c) Differentiate between a default constructor and a parameterised constructor? Name a class that has overloaded constructors.

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