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ICSE Prelims 2017 : Commercial Studies (Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), Jamshedpur)

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Arindol Dey
Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), Jamshedpur
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NARBHERAM HANSRAJ ENGLISH SCHOOL BISTUPUR, JAMSHEDPUR. PRE-ICSE EXAMINATION 2015-16 STD. 10 C&D COMMERCIAL STUDIES F. M. : 80 TIME : 2 Hrs. SECTION A [ 40 Marks] (Attempt All Questions From This Section) Question 1. Briefly explain the difference between : (a) Packing and packaging (b) Training and development (c) Defect and deficiency (d) Bearer Cheque and Order Cheque (e) Provident fund and Pension [10] Question 2. (a) Name four methods of off-the-job training. (b) Give the four components of logistics. (c) Explain Nano technology (d) Define the term Environmental Ethics. (e) State the purpose of Trading Account. [10] Question 3. Justify either for or against by giving two reasons for each : (a) Banking is a relationship-oriented industry. (b) It is more difficult to ensure uniform quality in case of products than in case of service. (c) Employee selection is a process of elimination. (d) A business exists to serve customers. (e) Wherever buying or selling takes place is market. [10] Question 4. (a) Mention four principles of Sustainable Development. (b) State two examples of environmental conservation. (c) State four principles of sustainable development. (d) What is insurable interest. (e) Explain the term Doctrine of Subrogation. [10] SECTION- B [40 Marks] (Answer any 04 (four) question from this section ) Question 5. (a) Explain the elements of cost. (b) Why do industrial disputes arise? [10] Question 6. (a) With advancements in technology, explain the role of training. (b) Explain with three examples each, the meaning of bank, banking and banking transactions. (c) What are the types of bank accounts? Explain them. [3] [3] [4] Question 7. Write short notes on : (a) Importance of balance sheet. (b) Community Participation for ecological restoration and conservation. (c) Role of advertising in brand promotion. [3] [3] [4] p.t.o.

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