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ICSE Prelims 2016 : History and Civics (Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), Jamshedpur)

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Arindol Dey
Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), Jamshedpur
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STD-X (ABCD) NARBHERAM HANSRAJ ENGLISH SCHOOL BISHTUPUR JAMSHEDPUR PRE-ICSE EXAMINATION 2015-2016 GEOGRAPHY F.M-80 Time 2 Hrs. Answer seven questions in all. Part 1 is compulsory. All questions from part 1 are to be attempted. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets (). In all map work you do by a wise use of arrows, to indicate position of countries, cities and other insertions that you make, you will be able to avoid over crowding parts of the map. Use a black pen for writing. All sub sections of each question must be answered in correct order. Part -1 [30 marks] (Compulsory) Q1. Study the extract of the survey of India map, sheet no. 45 D/10 and answer the following questions: a) Name & give the four figure reference of a settlement where the people of the region meet at least once a year. [2] b) If a man was to walk from Gulabganj (1820) to Harmatuja (1916) .. i) In which direction would he be walking ? [1] ii) Which are the two different kinds of roads that he would be using ? [2] c) What is the following numbers in grid square 1718 & 1818 mean ? . [2] i) 280 ii) 281 d) What is the quickest means of communication for the people of Dabani ? (1313) [1] e) What do the following mean : [3] i) Causeway in 1715 ii) 6 rin 1218 iii) DB (PWD) in 1813. f) Name any two permanent means of irrigation used by the people in the given extract. [2] g) Name any three facilities that Anadra has which makes it an important settlement. [3] h) What is the distance in Kilometre between the distance stone 20 in 1818 and the causeway in 1715 ? [1] i) What are the two differences between the settlement Bamba in 1914 and those in 1813 ? [2] j) Give the six figure grid reference of the temple at Salwara [1] Q2. Q3. On the outline map of India mark, shade & name the following :a) Mark & name the oldest oil field in India b) Mark & name the Sorrow of Bengal . c) Mark & Shade the Northern Circars. d) Mark & Name the city with the largest port in India e) Mark, shade & label a region that receives winter rainfall due to North East monsoons. f) Mark & name the state with the highest density of population. g) One region of Red Soil South of the Tropic of Cancer h) Mark & name the Gulf of Kutchh i) Mark & name river Ravi j) Mark & name the capital of Jammu & Kashmir. [10] Part-II ( Answer any five questions) a) Name the type of climate prevailing over India. Mention any two factors responsible for it. [2] b) Name the winds which are responsible for the rainfall experienced over the greater part of India. During which months of the year is this rainfall experienced ? [2] c) Give a reason to explain why :[3] i) Western Coastal plains receive more rainfall than the Eastern Coastal plains. ii) Patna gets heavier rainfall than Varanasi iii) Mumbai experienced devastating floods in July 2005. p.t.o.

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