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ICSE Notes 2016 : English Paper 2 (English Literature) (Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), Jamshedpur)

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Arindol Dey
Narbheram Hansraj English School (NHES), Jamshedpur
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STD. 10(ABC) NARBHERAM HANSRAJ ENGLISH SCHOOL BISTUPUR, JAMSHEDPUR FIRST ASSESSMENT SECOND UNIT TEST 2016-17 ENGLISH LITERATURE F.M. 80 TIME : 2 Hrs. Attempt five questions in all Q1. Yet his means are in supposition............................ The man is, notwithstanding, sufficient. Three thousand ducats, I think I may take his bond. a) b) c) d) e) f) Where is Shylock ? In what mood is he at this point of time ? [3] What is meant by "yet his means are in supposition" ? Why are his means in supposition ? What has Shylock just said which makes him say "yet" ? [3] Earlier Shylock said, "Antonio is a good man." What do Bassanio and Shylock mean by "good man" ? [2] What is hinted at in the remark, "But ships are but boards, sailors are but men" ? Which are the sea perils referred to by Shylock in the extract ? [3] How can we conclude from the extract that Antonio is a prudent businessman ? Why is Shylock hesitant in lending Bassanio money with Antonio as surety ? [3] What is meant by, "The man is, not with standing, sufficient" ? Why does Shylock think that the man is sufficient ? [2] Q2. Portia : Tarry a little : there is something else. ............................................................... Are by the laws of Venice, Confiscate Unto the state of Venice. (a) What is Shylock about to do ? Why is he asked to tarry a little ? What has Antonio prepared himself to do ? [3] b) In what thoughts does Antonio find comfort in facing his fate ? [3] c) Give two examples to indicate that Portia apparently supported Shylock in the court. What was Shylock's attitude towards Portia till now ? [3] d) What is the penalty imposed in the laws of Venice on those who plot against the life of its citizens ? Briefly state which other points of the law the speaker does not mention here. [3] e) How do Gratiano and Shylock react to this new interpretation of the bond ? [2] f) What do you think of Portia's judgement as indicated in the extract ? Substantiate your opinion by referring to this scene. [2] PROSE Q3. He sat down in the darkness to wait for the train, and sang softly to himself..................he had the axe with him, his father's axe, and he knew how to use it. a) b) c) d) e) Who sat down in the darkness to wait for the train ? Which was the train he was wailing for ? When did the train reach that place ? What does 'sang softly to himself reveal ? [3] What do you know about the axe ? [3] Why are we told about the axe in such detail ? [3] How does the story end ? What is the mood created at the end of the story ? [3] Why is Tembu introduced in the story ? What purpose does he serve ? [4] Q4. Justify the title of the story. "Journey by Night'. [16] Q5. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high where knowledge is free. a) Identify the poet. What is his dream and vision for his country ? [3] b) Whose mind is the poet talking about ? What fear is the poet talking about ? How can the mind be without fear ? [3] c) Why should the words, "come from the depths of truth" ? What is the relevance of truth in the poet's scheme of things ? [3] d) How does the poet reveal his religious and spiritual outlook through the poem ? What does the poet mean by, "The head is held high ? [3] e) What are the different kinds of freedom that the poet highlights in the poem ? [4]

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