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ICSE Prelims 2017 : TOP 10 QUESTION OF ACETIC ACIDChemistry (Pupil Tree School, Bellary)

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Pupil Tree School, Bellary
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TOP QUESTION OF ACETIC ACID 1. What happens when FeCl3 is added to Acetic acid? 2. Give reaction for the following i.when acetic acid is added to phosphorus pentachloride ii.when acetic acid heated with P2O5 prove acetic acid has Hydrogen in it Iv.preparation of ethanoic acid ethanol(with condition) v-for the formation of ethylacetate 3. Why is acetic acid called alkanoic acid? 4. Why acetic acid is called glacial acetic acid? 5. Give reason why, even though acetic acid has four hydrogen atoms it is monobasic acid? 6. Give structural formula for the folloeing I.ethyl acetate Ii.formic acid Iii.Methanoic acid Iv.ethanoic acid V.acetic acid 7. Can acetic acid be used as drying agent? give reason 8. What are esters? 9. Give three uses of acetic acid. 10. How is IUPAC name carboxylic acid given?


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