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ICSE Class X Notes 2020 : Geography : Climate of India (MUST KNOW)

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Brindavan Vidyalaya, Tiruchirappalli
1st to 10th
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Climate of India Revision questions (1) Give one geographical reason for each of the following: (a) India is said to have an alternating season. (b) At a place like Bhopal, we can see the mid-day sun exactly overhead twice a year, while at Vidisha, only a few kilometers North of it, one is not able to do so, even once. (c) The southern hills of Assam receive heavy rainfall but the northern hills do not. (d) The South-west monsoon splits into two separate branches. (e) Thiruvananthapuram is warmer than Agra in December. (f) The South-west monsoon winds enter into UP in a south-east direction. (g) The Indo-Gangetic plain receives some rainfall in December. (h) Tamilnadu does not receive any rain during the southwest monsoon season. (i) South-west monsoon winds start retreating by the month of October. (j) Most of the country remains dry during the North-east monsoon season. (2) Mangalore receives more rainfall than Hyderabad. Give two reasons. (3) State the economic importance of: (a) Relief rain in Tamilnadu. (b) Cyclonic rainfall in Punjab. (c) Kalbaishaki in Assam. (4) Name: (a) One region that gets rainfall during retreating monsoons. (b) Two local winds that blow during summer months in India. (c) A region in India that gets most of its rain during winter months. (d) A place in India that gets the heaviest rainfall. (e) An area in India which gets over 200 cm of rainfall. (f) The last place form where the south-west monsoon winds withdraw. (g) The oppressive weather condition in the transition period. (h) The place of origin of tropical cyclones. (i) Two water bodies that augment the moisture of western disturbances. (j) The pressure conditions during hot weather season.


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