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ICSE Notes 2018 : Physics (Jamnabai Narsee School (JNS), Mumbai)(Sound Final Questions)

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Ansh Singh
City Montessori School (CMS Aliganj Campus I), Lucknow
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STANDARD 10 SUBJECT : PHYSICS CHAPTER - SOUND Q 1 ) A bucket kept under a running tap is getting filled with water . A person sitting at a distance is able to get an idea when the bucket is about to be filled . i . ) What changes take place in the sound to give this idea ? ii . ) What causes the change in sound ? Q 2 ) i.) What is the principle on which SONAR is based ? Q 3 ) A vibrating tuning fork is places over the mouth of a burette filled with water . The tap of the burette is opened and the water level gradually starts falling . It is found that the sound from the tuning fork becomes very loud for a particular length of the water column . i.) ii.) Name the phenomeno taking place when this happens . Why does the sound become very loud for this length of water column . Q 4) Which characteristic of sound will change if there is a change in i) Its amplitude ii) Its waveform Q 5) Name one factor which affects the frequency of sound emitted due to vibrations in an air column? Q 6) Name the unit used for measuring the sound level? Q 7 ) i) What is meant by resonance? ii) State 2 ways in which resonance differs from forced vibrations? 1

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