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ICSE Notes 2018 : Chemistry (Respaper) ( Mole Concept Question Bank )

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Ansh Singh
City Montessori School (CMS Aliganj Campus I), Lucknow
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SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS 1. What is the value of the avogadro s number? 2. What is the value of molar volume of a gas at S.T.P? 3. What do you understand at S.T.P by the statement that vapour density of carbon dioxide is 22? 4. Define vapour density. State the relationship between vapour density and molecular weight. 5. Explain the following statement: Relative atomic mass of sodium is 23. LONG ANSWER QUESTIONS 1. State: a) Gay-Lussac s law of combining volumes b) Avogadro s law. 2. Define the terms: a) Vapour density b) Relative molecular weight , How are vapour density and molecular weight related? 3. Define a) Molar volume b) Avogadro s number. 4. A) Define relative atomic mass. B) Ordinary chlorine has two isotopes Cl -35 and Cl37 in the ratio of 3:1. Calculate the relative atomic mass of chlorine. 5. Explain the terms: a) Gram atom b) Gram mole. 6. A) What are the main applications of Avogadro s law? B) How does Avogadro s law explain Gay Lussac s law of combining volumes? 7. Explain the terms, empirical formula and molecular formula. 8. How is empirical formula related to molecular formula? If the molecular formula of the compound is C2H4O2, determine its empirical formula. NUMERICALS A. BASED ON GAY-LUSSAC S LAW 1. Ammonia may be oxidized to nitrogen monoxide in the presence of a catalyst according to the equation: 4NH3 + 5O2 ---> 4NO + 6H2O. If 27 litres of reactants are consumed, what volume of nitrogen monoxide is produced at the same temperature and pressure? 2. Water can split into hydrogen and oxygen under suitable conditions. If a given experiment results in 2500 cm3 of hydrogen being produced, what volume of oxygen is liberated under the same conditions of temperature and pressure? 3. What volume of propane is burnt for every 100 cm3 of oxygen used in the combustion reaction at s.t.p? 4. 450 cm3 of CO and 200 cm3 of oxygen are mixed together and ignited. Calculate the composition of the resulting mixture. 5. 200 ml of C2H4 is burnt in just sufficient air (complete combustion). Calculate the resulting mixture composition at 100oC and 760mm of Hg. B.BASED ON MOLE CONCEPT AVOGADRO S NUMBER 1. Calculate the mass of 0.2 moles of water. 2. How many moles of sodium hydroxide are contained in 160g of it?

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