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ICSE Class X Notes 2020 : English Paper 2 (English Literature) Practice Questions POEMS

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Aayush Patel
St. John's Universal School, Mumbai
X Science & Maths
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(Poems) Small Pain in my chest 1) Who is addressed as sir in the poem? What time of day is it? 2) Where was the soldier seated? What was his disposition? What did he do when he saw the narrator? 3) What did the young soldier ask? What opinion is formed of the soldier from the way he asked the question? 4) Why does the soldier say I count myself as lucky. What is the irony found a little later in the poem? 5) What is the cause of the pain in the soldier s chest? 6) What shows the earnestness of the soldier? What view does one have about the soldier? 7) What did the narrator give him? How did he react? 8) Explain- smiled a smile 9) What has the narrator to say about the soldier s smile? 10) Why does he feel that he is defeated by a small pain in his chest? 11) What does the soldier speak about his mother and his wife? Why? 12) Why is the word HERE written in capital? 13) Give examples to show that the soldier was dying. 14) Why does the narrator say he doesn t recall what happened then? 15) What are the two things the narrator must have done one a certainty, the other a possibility? 16) What was the feeling of the narrator when he held him closer to his body? 17) What message doe the poet want to give through the last line of the poem? A Doctor s Journal Entry for August 6, 1945 1) How does the poet describe the morning? Where was the poet? 2) What happened a little later with what effect? 3) Describe the physical appearance of the poet? 4) What did he conclude the flashes to be? 5) What weird experience he had? Why did he think it as weird? 6) Who did he call out for? Why? 7) Describe the appearance of his wife? 8) What did he say to her? What does this show? 9) What did they fall over? How did he react? 10) What does and I got up at length mean? 11) Why did he ask his wife to go ahead? What was his feeling when she left? 12) Why does he call the people walking as ghosts and scarecrows?

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